Mean Medusa - 2013

My debut album, recorded over a period of years. Some tracks were done a few years ago and have sat around. Some are more recent and some are fresh recordings. Brought together into this cohesive presentation.

Puppetmasters - 2013

This version is a reworking of an older tune that I wrote back in the 1990's when George Bush Snr. invaded Iraq. It belongs to a group of unreleased songs that may yet see the light of day.


Pop Princesses and Overnight successes - 2013

Pop Princess song rerecorded and released on the Medusa record. There was another earlier version that was done on 4 track many years ago that was unsalvagable. Shame as I preferred it. It belonged to a project that remains unfinished to date. I hope to complete it this year. It's a satirical story about our celebrity obsessed culture and the folk who seek fame at any cost.